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Jun 18

San Francisco Pride!

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CheerLA is packing up and heading to San Francisco for pride! We are so excited to partner with the Shanti Project!

The Shanti Project exists to enhance the health, quality of life and well-being of people with terminal, life-threatening or disabling illnesses or conditions. 

Jun 13

Tryouts for the New Season!


Have you been liking what you see? Do you love giving back to the community? If so, Cheer Los Angeles is looking for people like you! We are thrilled to announce the tryout dates for our upcoming season!

•Mandatory Clinics: August 21 and 28 from 8-10pm
•Optional Clinic: September 2 (location and time TBA)
•TRYOUTS: September 4 from 8-10pm

Clinics and tryouts will be held at Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. 

8450 Higuera Street | Culver City  

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Jun 2

Join us for Los Angeles Pride!

On June 10, 2018, the fearless charitable cheerleaders of Los Angeles will once again perform in the LA Pride parade! There will be non-stop action of high flying stunts and plenty of cheer! 

This year we've partnered with The Wall Las Memorias. The Wall Las Memorias Project serves low-income and hard to reach communities throughout Los Angeles - educating community members on the importance of HIV/AIDS, substance abuse prevention and community building in the LGBT community. For nearly 20 years, the orginization has challenged, helped eradicate the stigma, bigotry and created a safer place in Southern California for dialogue, community building, education and prevention services. 

To donate to this wonderful cause, please visit:   |   Venmo: @cheer_los_angeles   |   OR throw in some dollars into our blue spirit buckets when you see us along the parade route! 

May 19

Long Beach Pride Performance Schedule

We can’t wait to debut our new routine!

Long Beach Pride Performances: 
Parade Central: 10:00am
Parade #77
Festival: 3:30pm

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We are raising money for C.A.R.E! To find out more, please check out this video:

Mar 31

Upcoming Performances!

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Cheer Los Angeles is ready to take on Pride Season! Be sure to catch us at one (or all) of our upcoming performances! We have a brand new routine to debut, new events and lots of money to raise for all of our life-saving causes!