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Join the March Madness Fun with CheerLA’s very first PRIDE Pool!

Pick your squares before Wednesday, March 27 to participate in Cheer LA's March Madness Pride Grid! Games for this grid are for the Sweet 16 rounds only. 

 A $10 donation to Cheer Los Angeles via PayPal () or Venmo (cheer_los_angeles) will allow you to select a square in our game grid. The person with the most won squares at the end of the tournament will win (2) tickets to LA Pride, an exclusive CheerLA swag bag AND the chance to walk with Cheer LA in the LA Pride Parade! 

 Winners are declared using the final score for each game included in the pool. After each game, the last number of the winning team's score will correspond to the X axis of the grid, and the last number of the losing team's score will correspond to the Y axis. If your name appears in the correlating box, you win that game in our grid! The more squares you pick, the better chance you have to win!

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